WHY CHOOSE PHARMACY AS A CAREER | Benefits Of Choosing Pharmacy as Career | Jobs and Future After Pharmacy Studies

 Benefits Of Choosing Pharmacy as Career

Pharmacy is a well-respected and worthy profession. It is also known as a life-saving profession in which there is an opportunity to serve the people through various aspects. These different aspects are:

Ø    Discover a new molecule in the research facility

Ø    Manufacturing of drugs

Ø    Quality analysis of the drugs

Ø    Dispensing of the drugs

Ø    Distribution of the Drugs

Ø    Government job opportunities


There are lots of opportunities in the pharmacy field where you can build and empower a conscious society towards their health. There are currently many colleges offering B. Pharm courses in Uttar Pradesh and other states in the country. Some important key points are mentioned below regarding the reasons to become a pharmacist.

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Ø    Retail Pharmacy–This is one unique option in this course that you can grab by choosing pharmacy as your career option. Retail Pharmacy gives you a flexible nature of work as well as a good earning. After completing the course you get legal authorization to sell the medicines. 

You get a registration in the form of a license provided by the Indian Government’s regulatory body known as the Pharmacy council of India (PCI). All the institutes considered as best pharmacy colleges in UP and elsewhere in India follow this norm.

Benefits Of Choosing Pharmacy as Career

Ø    Quality Analysis – This is an option with lots of career opportunities. Every Pharmaceutical industry maintains this facility with highly qualified professionals who belong to the pharmacy background. To maintain the quality of the drugs this setup with the pharmacy professionals is necessary. So it can be a good career option with high earning.

Ø    Quality Control- This is a mandatory setup for each pharmaceutical industry in the world. This section has various work opportunities like HPLC chemist, QC chemist, GCMS chemist, ADL professionals, etc. It is also a very highly paid profession in the pharmaceutical industry. 

You can also choose this option for your bright future after the pharmacy course. All the universities claiming to be the best placement university in UP and the rest of India make efforts to provide their students a career option in this vital field. 

Ø    Quality Assurance- Quality assurance is a very reputed section of the pharmaceutical industry. This section works as a spy or we can say a detective in the industry and plays a vital role from the starting point of manufacturing the formulations. This section is called the third eye of the industry. So it can be a good choice for pharmacy professionals.

Ø    Pharmacovigilance- Pharmacovigilance (PV) is related to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects of pharmaceutical products. This profession is very well paid with the fluctuation of work. Many Multinational companies run this facility to ensure the safety of a drug and the pharmacological action of the drug. PV is the latest facility in India. 

There are lots of opportunities to go abroad for working as a pharmacovigilance scientist or as a drug safety associate. Many multinational companies have this section Some noticeable examples are: Parexel India, Quantiles, TCS, HCL, Wipro, and Cognizant. It can be an extremely attractive option for Pharmacy professionals. While searching for the best colleges for the B. Pharma course make sure to search Pharmacovigilance as an area of study.

Ø    Medical Coding- Medical coding may be defined as the transfer of diagnosis and treatment to a coded language. It is a profession where a medical coder converts all kinds of diagnosis and their treatment into a particular code. A medical coder maintains all the data of patients in a coded language. They communicate with other medical professionals in this particular language. 

Medical coding is in trend nowadays in southern India, Middle East countries, or the whole European countries and also in the United States of America. After completion of the Pharmacy course, it is a very lucrative service option in the B.Pharm field and there are lots of opportunities to go abroad and work as a certified professional coder.

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Ø    Clinical Research- Clinical research has a very wide scope for innovative minds. Clinical research is responsible for the collection of evidence to establish a treatment of a particular disease. 

It is a part of healthcare science that works on the observation and assessment of the medications, medical tools, and diagnostic products which are used for the human being. 

Clinical research has no limit for innovative brains and there is awesome personal growth as well. It is a very rewarding choice after the completion of the course of Pharmacy.

Jobs and Future After Pharmacy Studies

Ø    Marketing- The word marketing is self-explanatory now. This is a very wide field and enhances your knowledge in the commercial aspect of the pharmaceutical market in the country as well as in the whole world. 

The marketing profession provides a very flexible work nature as well as a very attractive salary package. So marketing can be a good career choice after the pharmacy course.

Ø    Manufacturing of the drugs- This section is like the bone marrow of the pharmaceutical industry because if there is no one to manufacture then it will be very difficult to get the drugs (Medicines). 

The manufacturing section is divided into various parts like granulation, production, and packaging. Pharmacy professionals can choose any section for specialization in this field. It is a respectable and rewarding choice for pharmacy professionals.

Ø    Research and Development- This is a highly appreciated and huge field where a person with unique and innovative ideas can get a highly respected package. Innovation plays a vital role in the research and development of a new molecule. 

Research programs are being conducted for new product development in many organizations. It can be a very nice opportunity after completing the master's degree course in pharmacy.

Ø    Hospital- Hospital may be a good option for those who want to get into direct contact with the patients and serve the people by their endless efforts. Doctors and pharmacists are the two major pillars for society as well as for mankind. 

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All the reputed Hospitals have very qualified personnel with a very attractive salary.  There is a long line of reputed and good hospitals which provide quality care to the patients. Fortis, Apollo, Max, etc are the kinds of reputed hospital brands with multiple chains across the country where you can go for work after finishing the pharmacy course.

Ø    Government opportunities- To get a government job is like a dream project of many from the young generation of India. Today, there are lots of opportunities in the government sector such as in the defense services, railways, banks, and drug warehouses, etc. 

The government also runs different kinds of projects for paramedical students like the National Health mission. The government also has some high ranks offices like Drug inspector and Additional drug inspector for pharmacists. IIMT University provides exception skills and knowledge to the students so that they are readily absorbed. IIMT University is the best placement university in U.P. 

Thus there are lots of reasons that why you should choose pharmacy as a career after your intermediate. IIMT University, Meerut offers best pharmacy courses in UP and give you a chance to enter into a life-saving and respected profession.

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