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Career After Computer Science Engineering

Whenever we think about the future the very first thing comes in our mind is ‘EASE OF LIVING’. What comforts we are going to have in our day - to - day life. While feeling nostalgic everyone knows how tough the life was. 

For everything we have had to put an extra effort. But now from books to groceries, office to shopping, reservations to banking everything is residing at our palms. And this miracle was only possible by the people who have contributed their lives for TECHNOLOGY.

Career After Computer Science Engineering

Talking about technology one cannot avoid the contribution of Computer Science and Information Technology. Both the branches are complementary to each other balancing the requirements of technical field, where one is soaked in the hard skill while other is in soft skill. 

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It is true that one field somehow fits in the other one’s shoe, but still, they have lots of differences when it comes to the implementation of courses and scope in future.

Scope Of Computer Science Engineering

The Computer Science (CS), which is highly technical, purely deals with the ‘Mathematics of Programming’, Research, Innovations in Technology, Developing advance equipment, Enhancing Artificial Intelligence. 

On the other hand, Information Technology (IT) deals with the Maintenance and Protection of computers, Networking, Maintaining database, Use and Implementation of technical infrastructure effectively, Giving smoothness to technical glitches, Selection of the most accurate hardware and software.

CS itself is a broad field which include many technical and non-technical roles and for each role one must complete the desired qualification for that roles, which you can complete along with the degree which you are currently pursuing. It will not only help you to enhance your technical skill but also make you the most likely preferred candidate during the job interviews. 

Scope Of Computer Science Engineering

IT field includes System Development, Cyber Securities, Data Communication, SAP and Supply Chain management, Statistical Analysis and Modelling etc. and you can choose any of them and grow your career in the upgraded and advanced versions of given courses.

Technology is something that changes every time. One can co- relate it with the easiest example “A Mobile”. We started Say for example ‘Nokia 1100’ a normal keypad phone which was actually a ‘Mobile Revolution’ in the country. 

What After CS Engineering 

Every second house was having that kind of phone in their hand and within a decadewe came from a normal keypad phone to a smart phone. So we can say it is a Technology Upgradation or Technology Revolution. And we didn’t stopped yet thousands of technical people are still creating something new daily.

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 We can correlate technology with the concept of “BATHTUB CURVE” which is taught under Software Engineering.

In easy words Bathtub Curve implies that the chances of failure of something innovative is less when it is under process, once product (software or hardware) is ready it comes in useful phase where it is ready to use by public, but what after a certain period, the product will no longer be in use. 

What After CS Engineering

So, in wear- out phase we start redeveloping, redesigning, remodeling of the product. And this cycle goes on.

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Technology is a revolution which is requiring more students to participate for the future upgradation. One should consider their talent, willingness, professional and financial goals before pursuing any of the course, be it a vast field of Computer Science or Information Technology.

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