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 Home Science- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

For the uninitiated, a career in nutrition may not seem very interesting but in reality, the future of this field is very bright. Many multinationals and healthcare industries are setting up business in health awareness within the country. 

Even doctors have also become more aware of nutrition and the strong relationship between food, nutrition, and health. The health status of the individual can be identified by the food he eats, ingests, absorbs, and metabolizes in the digestive system of the body.

 After the completion of class 12th students have the option to enroll for the three-year undergraduate program in B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics). The course is being offered by IIMT University Meerut; north India's largest education groups.  

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A course in food and nutrition or nutrition and dietetics will help the student to gain knowledge about various streams of foods like food microbiology, food and nutrition, food science, therapeutic nutrition, food service management, food preservation, food processing and technology, public health nutrition, basic dietetics, physical sciences, basic science, nutritional surveillance, food chemistry, and the relevant subjects. 

Home Science- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

It will help the student to be a professional in the field with excellent knowledge. Along with the theoretical knowledge, students of clinical nutrition and dietetics are also taught to gain communication skills so that they can get easily involved in giving the best counseling and guidance to the people and patients in the hospital, community, or the nation.

 After the completion of undergraduate program B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics), a student can start his/her career as a nutritionist or a dietitian or can enroll himself/herself for the higher studies i.e. 2-year post-graduate program in M.Sc. (Home Science- Food and nutrition) or M.Sc.

 Home Science and its relevant subject in nutrition and dietetics at IIMT University, one of the top private universities in U.P. The students also have an option to get enrolled in some certificate courses like diabetes educator, pediatric nutritionist, nutrition for special children, bariatric nutritionist, and many more. He/she can even choose to do a post-graduate diploma in public health nutrition from a renowned college or university.

 The growing general awareness about food and nutrition and preventive nutrition can control life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. This preventive nutrition helps a person to take care of their health and well-being as it involves the treatment of disease before it manifests the body clinically. 

Even after the manifestation of the disease after it has cause deterioration of the body, nutrition and food play a major role. The role of a dietitian or nutritionist has gained greater significance and a career in this field has become more attractive.

 A nutritionist or dietitian applies scientific knowledge and principles of nutrition to the preparation of different foods so that people can enjoy the good flavor, taste, and aroma of the food. The person suffering from any diseases feels good after getting good food because food gives emotional security and plays a psychological function to improve the health of the patient or the individual. 

In the hospitals, dietitians are responsible for providing therapeutic diets to the patients according to their medical conditions as diet is a special part of the treatment given to the patient. It not only gives a sense of security and emotional well-being but also provides the individual with the nutrients required to treat the disease. 

The medical nutrition therapy for the patients is as important as the medical therapy itself. The way of cooking, ingredients used, method of cooking is all the factors responsible for the production of healthy and nutritious food so a nutritionist or a dietitian is an important person in the hospital setup. 

The dietitian or nutritionist has to counsel and guide their patients to adopt healthy cooking and eating habits so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. IIMT University Meerut, one of the best universities for Home Science in Delhi NCR and nearby regions, ensures that its students get the latest knowledge and complete training to become outstanding dietitians or nutritionists.

 In the processed food industry, a nutritionist works on the product development and improvement of food products and production methods such as new ways of preserving methods, choosing healthy ingredients like whole wheat instead of refined flours. In this field, a nutritionist works with a food chemist and food technologist for improving the food product and makes it healthy and nutritious. 

They look into the problem and make changes in its flavor, taste, ingredients and develop a new food product. They are also employed in the organizations like schools, hostels, and offices kitchen. The knowledge of food service management helps in making healthy food for commercial purposes. 

The development of a new product using new and innovative ideas is creating a growing interest in healthy foods. Top grade hotels also prefer to employ nutritionists to plan for different types of guests and also to supervise the food production process. IIMT University, Meerut amongst the best placement university in U.P helps its students to explore all kinds of career options in food and nutrition

 Because of the growing interest in healthy foods and a healthy eating lifestyle, dietitians and nutritionists can set up their food stores and nutrition-based cafeteria. In the cafeteria, the nutritionist can develop healthy recipes for the food so that people can eat out with no complaints and regrets. 

A set-up like this can help people to choose a healthy option of food thus, and thus improve the lifestyle of many. By new product development using more innovative ideas, the students can improve their working in the field. Alternative use of different kinds of ingredients and methods of cooking not only improves health but also enhances the liking towards that particular food and product. 

Thus, the knowledge of food and nutrition teaches the students to be a part of a healthy society and guiding them to lead their life healthily. Therefore, being a nutritionist is a very important and responsible career option. After pursuing B.Sc or M.Sc in food and nutrition from IIMT University, which is one of the best universities for a Home Science course, a student can become a highly skilled and knowledgeable nutritionist and pursue a flourishing career in the field.

 With the growing interest of the people in improving their lifestyle and prevent non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, the need for qualified nutritionists or dietitians is rising. 

In this world to eradicate and prevent the disease, nutritionists or dietitians play a very important role in healthcare and they become the gatekeepers to maintain health at both micro and macro levels. IIMT University completely endorses the social contribution of food and nutrition professionals and as one of the best universities for Home Science in U.P and nearby states, helps students to become professionals and contribute to society.

 Career after B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)

Clinical nutrition and dietetics play a vital role in living a healthy life. It is an important element required in every stage of life from the very beginning of life to death. The intake of nutritious food and utilization of nutrients in the body can be linked with decreased chances of both infectious and lifestyle diseases. A healthy balanced diet is a major element for living a healthy life. 

Health with no physical, mental, social distress and absence of infections leads to a happier and healthier living lifestyle for all the people in the community. IIMT University Meerut is among the top 10 private universities offering courses in various domains.

 After the completion of a three-year undergraduate program in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from IIMT University Meerut; one of north India’s largest education groups, students acquire the scientific knowledge of basics food and nutrition, food science, and physical sciences. 

They get a broad knowledge and understanding of clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, basic dietetics, food microbiology, basic physiology, food chemistry, public health nutrition, nutrition surveillance. The course also helps the students to develop entrepreneurial skills by the study of small business management, new product development. 

It also enhances the practical knowledge in all the domains of clinical nutrition and dietetics and application in hospital, industry, and research. It also helps the students to develop their career in nutritional science and its fields.

 There are many career opportunities after pursuing B.Sc. (Home Science- CN & D) one can work as a clinical nutritionist in a hospital or a private clinic. A graduate student can also work as a project assistant and nutritionist in NGOs and private organizations.

Career after B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)

They can also be an entrepreneur and open their nutrition and diet counseling clinic or nutrition-based café or restaurants and make people aware of the healthy eating habits. Not only they can work as a clinical nutritionist but they can also become a public health nutritionist and sports nutritionist. 

Food science and technology are also some of the fields where the role of a food scientist, food analyst, food sensory evaluator, food quality controller, and food consultant come to rise.

 Clinical nutrition is one of the major disciplines of clinical nutrition and dietetics. It focuses on learning and acquiring knowledge in the field and attain more scientific knowledge to treat various infections and non-communicable diseases. This field involves the learning of medical nutrition therapy and the pathophysiology of various life-threatening diseases. 

With this learning a clinical nutritionist counsel the patients and people suffering on what food to eat and what to avoid and enhance the people knowledge regarding the various food groups and their importance. A clinical nutritionist can work in the hospital, private health centers, and MNCs like HCL Healthcare. 

They can also work in NGOs and private organizations and counsel people regarding the eating of healthy balanced meal and if required counsel them to change their eating lifestyle to include healthy eating habits thus, reducing the risk of lifestyle disorders. IIMTU Meerut is one of the best placement universities in North India and helps a student to explore all kinds of career options.

 Sports nutrition deals with the specific requirements of a sports player. The requirement and nutritional guidelines of sports players depend on the type of activity and the intensity of activity they perform. The sports nutritionist can work at various sports training centers, gyms, and fitness centers. 

The students after specializing in sports nutrition can also work as a nutritionist at Sports Authority of India. They can also write a certified supplement required by an athlete or a sportsperson to meet up the nutritional requirements. 

The various activity levels and the intensity of activity requires a different kind of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats and so the requirement of the micronutrients also changes so the knowledge of the sports nutritionist thus, helps the sportsperson and the athletes to take up the nutrients as per the requirement so that there is no deficiency occurring in their body.

 Public health nutrition is another field of nutrition that majorly focuses on the public health problems regarding the various deficiency disorders. Deficiency disorders are prevalent in the higher number in the community we live in. 

The cause of this prevalence is the lack of knowledge about the foods, unavailability of the seasonal foods, and lack of knowledge about local foods and their benefits. So, the public health nutritionist must educate its community and people to educate them about food and nutrition and improve their eating habits and hygienic conditions. 

A public health nutritionist can work as a project associate at an organization like WHO, UNICEF, PHFI, FSSAI, and other health organizations. They can also work in NGO or private organizations to keep a check on the health of the people. Nutrition journalism is another field to explore and taking part in various health surveys can also be done by public health nutritionists. IIMT University Meerut offers the best home science courses at UG & PG levels.

 The other aspect of clinical nutrition and dietetics include food science and technology here the student can work as a food scientist, work auditor, food quality controller, food analyst, a research associate with reputed brands in food-related industries like Mother Dairy, Nestle, Amul, Haldirams, Etc., or as a consultant in FSSAI and technical lab analyst. 

The nutritionist working in the food industry plays a role in the development of a healthy nutritious food product and also helps in building the fortified foods so the deficiency load can be reduced. IIMT University, the best private university in Delhi-NCR and nearby regions, is completely geared to help students reach their full potential in their chosen careers.

 The students after getting knowledge of clinical nutrition and dietetics can also become self-dependent on their own as they have a knowledge of new product development and can also launch it which will help them to start a small business thus, making them independent. 

In today’s era when people go out and eat they search for healthier options so the practical and theoretical knowledge of nutrition and dietetics also helps them to open up nutrition-based café to provide people with healthy foods when they are away from also. Nutrition based café is a new emerging concept making students independent at this early stage.

 A nutrition profession thus, helps the students to help and provide guidance counseling to the family, organization, community, and population on eating a healthy balanced diet. It also focuses on how to change food, lifestyle for health promotion, and decreasing the risk of lifestyle disorders.

 IIMT University is amongst the best universities for a Home Science course and is a perfect choice for those students who wish to achieve a strong foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Job After B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics)

The 3-year undergraduate program in B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) is a 3-year degree in one of the specialized fields of Home Science. Clinical nutrition and dietetic is an emerging field as people are becoming more aware of the kind of food they consume. 

“What to eat”, “How much to eat”, and "when to eat" are a few of the questions in people’s minds when they talk about food. The dietitian or the nutritionist guide and counsels the people regarding the same so, that they can live a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the popular courses being offered by IIMT University, Meerut North India's largest education groups.  

 The western world had already\accepted clinical nutrition and dietetic as a promising career while it was still growing in the other parts of the world. However, now the scenario has changed significantly.

 Today, education in this field has become a medium of ascertaining an impressive career with multiple jobs option in different aspects of nutrition and dietetics such as the food industry, health sectors, etc.

 This is one of the programs which is related to health-related topics and a student gets a direct job in the health sectors through which he/she can serve the human race just like doctors and nurses and other medical staff.

 One of the primary choices of students passing out with a degree of B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and dietetics) is to take up a job as a dietitian. This job has the responsibility to analyze the demands, dietary habits, and the medical conditions of the patients or individuals and accordingly counsel a suitable diet plan to them. 

Dietitians can also work with different organizations and perform different roles like clinical dietitians, community dietitians, or nutritionists. Clinical dietitians work specially in the hospitals and are responsible for providing diet to the in-patients according to their medical conditions and help them to improve their health status by providing the correct medical nutritional therapy. 

Clinical dietitians work with the patients and make a diet plan considering the medical condition. It is the responsibility of the clinical dietitian to ensure a proper therapeutic diet according to the medical requirements. IIMT University, one of the top private universities in U.P helps the students gain all the necessary knowledge to become established clinical dietitians.

 All around the world, a lot of diseases also occur or increase in number due to unhealthy eating practices, lack of proper diet, and unscheduled eating. The role of nutritionists is to make people aware of healthy eating habits and improve the health status of individuals. 

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The nutritionist also helps in maintaining the correct levels of various nutrients like vitamins and minerals in the body so that there fewer chances of getting deficiency disorders. The job of the dietitians or nutritionists is to make people aware of the role of food and nutrition in their life so that they are motivated to adopt healthy eating habits and thus prevent the occurrence of the lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. 

Weight management and diabetes educator are emerging jobs in the field of nutrition and dietetics which help people to maintain their weight, whether it’s underweight or overweight. Diabetes educator’s responsibility is to help people maintain their blood sugar levels with the help of the diet and the addition of low glycemic foods in the diet. 

Weight management is the new trending job of the nutritionist as people who are adapted to sedentary work activity are becoming more prone to the problems of overweight or obesity. Nutritionist, by changing their eating habits of a person helps the individual to maintain normal weight and reduce the excess weight which is harmful to the body. 

Nutritionist, in addition to encouraging healthy eating habits in the people, also guides them for physical exercise. IIMT University, is among the best universities for Home Science courses in Delhi NCR and nearby regions & ensures that its students get the latest knowledge and complete training to become outstanding dietitian or nutritionist.

Job After B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics)

 Community nutritionist or public health nutritionist is another type of job which can be pursued after B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and dietetics). There are various domains of government sectors where a nutritionist is required. Some of these include WHO (World health organizations), Food safety and authority of India (FSSAI), National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), etc. 

Student can join these organization as a nutritionist and also the various programs going in these organizations. As public health nutritionist students should be aware of the different policies and programs set up by the government to reduce or eradicate deficiency disorders. With these organizations, a nutritionist will impart the knowledge to the people regarding healthy eating practices, eating good and cheap sources of various food products, locally available fruits and vegetables. 

He has to guide the pregnant and lactating women about pregnancy and infant feeding practices and also make them aware of the different supplementary programs so that they can benefit from them. Nutritionists and dietitians, help to improve the health index of the country. 

The role and responsibilities of a dietitian or nutritionist are not only limited to the individual itself but to take care of the health and eating practices of every individual in the country. IIMT University, Meerut is among the top 10 private universities in U.P, through its B.Sc. (Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) course, helps the students to fulfill their passion for social contribution.

 The student can also work as a sports nutritionist or gym instructor in various auditoriums, gyms, fitness centers, government bodies such as the Sports Authority of India, etc. They ensure that the sportsperson meets his/her nutritional requirement according to the activity they perform and the intensity of the workout that they do. 

It is a challenging job for a nutritionist as now a sportsperson asks for the nutritionist to maintain their weight and nutrition during the activity, post, and pre-activity period as well. IIMT University, amongst the best placement university in U.P, helps its students to explore all kinds of career options in food and nutrition

 The food industry is another emerging field for nutrition and dietetics where students can also work as food scientists, food quality controllers. Their job is to look and develop a nutritious product so that people get a healthy food choice. 

The clinical nutrition and dietetics student can work in various fields of nutrition and can also open their own small business by the production of a new product or can also involve in the opening of the nutrition-based café. 

This job is very professional and ethical because food is a cultural belief for some people and therefore, nutritionists and dietitians have to take care that when they speak about the food they are true to every religion and food habits of every person. 

After pursuing B.Sc in food and nutrition from IIMT University, which is one the best universities for a Home Science course, a student can become a highly skilled and knowledgeable nutritionist and pursue a flourishing career in the field.

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